Time Presenter Title
9:00 - Registration
9:30 Dannes Wessels
(eXist Solutions)
9:35 Adam Retter
(Adam Retter Consulting)
Project Sleepy
The new HTTP REST API in eXist-db
10:05 Erik Siegel
Software management for eXist.
Read more here.
10:35 Stefan Vasile
eXist development with oXygen:
An overview of the oXygen support for eXist development sprinkled with tips and tricks.
11:15 - Coffee Break
11:30 Alain Couthures
XSLTForms, eXist-db and XForms
Read more here.
12:00 Joern Turner
betterForm editor and integration with eXist-db
12:30 Chris Wallace
(Kit Wallace Associates)
An XML annotator and geo-coder, using JQuery, Google Map API and eXist-db immediate document update using node-ids.
This annotator is currently used on a site for a Sailing Association (prototype).
13:00 - Lunch
14:00 Thomas White Project ‘xStatic’:
Package and reuse static JavaScript and CSS files in eXist applications.
14:15 David Fichtmueller
(Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem)
Using eXist To Rescue Threatened Research Data
14:45 Wolfgang Meier
(eXist Solutions)
Hands-on demos, tips and tricks for using eXist-db
15:30 - Coffee Break
15:45 eXist-db An "Open space" session.
The content of this session is not fixed, so please bring-in your questions, discussions, flashing demos, remarks, suggestions etc etc. Just ask the eXist-db developers!
±17:00 Dannes Wessels Wrapup and close of day. The ending time is not fixed.